Tax Planning/Preparation


Registered Tax PlannerTM
Tax Planning is the process of estimating future tax liabilities AND enacting strategies to reduce those future expenses.   This is an estimated process relying on the accuracy of your bookkeeping which opens up the different possibilities to use the tax code to your advantage.  All recommendations are yours to choose which to implement and which not to implement.   
Tax Preparation is the process to look back and determine the tax liabilities based on income and expenses for businesses or personal.  There are limited static options at tax preparation to reduce the tax liability. 
Home Time Bookkeeping Prepares the following types of returns:
1040 Personal Returns (with Schedule C businesses or Schedule E businesses)
1065 Partnership Returns
1120s Corporation Returns (S-Corp)
1120 Corporation Returns (C-Corp)
We have chosen to focus on business ownership returns and do not offer 990 (non-profit) nor 1041 (Estate and Trust) returns.