Allow Home Time Bookkeeping to assist you in navigating the complex financial elements of your life.

Money Guide is a 90-day intensive program designed to help turn the direction of your financial future.

Money Guide is a 4 step cycle which you will be taught how to develop your Vision for the future, assess your current Reality, develop a plan and Execute, and leave a Legacy for the future to repeat these steps as your vision and goals change in your lifetime. 
Throughout this program, you will be assisted from the beginning to break down the emotional and logical side of spending. We will start with your personal goals and understand your vision. Next, we will make that vision a reality by developing a self-guided plan and walk you through all the steps of making that plan work for you.
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4 step money guide cycle
The 90 program consists of a client portal with videos and homework to submit prior to your video meetings.  There is a Facebook support group of other money guides and participants where you can find all types of gems like how others have saved money or increased their income.  You are also encouraged to share your successes and let others cheer you along to your goals.  
Home Time Bookkeeping requires those who are in relationships where money is co-mingled to attend the course together.  If you are married, and one person isn’t on board with participating, you are setting yourself up for failure and we simply don’t want that to be how we help you.  
We make no guarantees for your success, but our personal successes using the program should help to serve as an inspiration to continue and make the choices and changes that you may need to make.  You’ll thank us for it after the hard work is done and you see how far you’ve moved your direction in just 90 days.  

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