Time Saving

Important Tax Dates

Important dates for taxes are found below. Making timely estimates based on accurate data is important to your cash flow and business.  By having accurate, up-to-date information, you can make a better estimate for your taxes.  If you notice, the Quarterly Tax Estimate to the IRS is cumulative of the entire year’s data.   If you...
Diesel mechanic bookkeeper professional

Who is doing your books? A bookkeeper?

When a business starts out, the owner tries to control costs by doing everything themselves including being the bookkeeper. This can result in someone unqualified performing the bookkeeping.  While this may work on the short term, it may be costlier in the run. Let’s take an example of your truck needing an engine overhaul.  What...

Free Apps to Save you Money

We all want to keep a little extra jingle in our pockets!  All apps are available on iPhone and Android devices. I know there are a few apps in here I use all the time because of their reliability and user driven information.   This first one is my FAVORITE! GasBuddy: Find Cheap Fuel Report prices,...