Power Team versus Contact Sphere

Everyone has a contact sphere, but not everyone develops those into a power team.  According to Ivan Miser who coined the term, “a contact sphere is a group of symbiotic professions who have a good opportunity to provide referrals to each other.”  A power team takes this a step further.  A power team is a...

Are you protecting your most valuable asset?

What is your most valuable asset?  Great question, but the answer can go in many directions.  Do you think it is your physical assets or intangible assets?  What’s the one thing you can’t replace in your business?  That is your most important asset.  I think you would agree that human resources (you) are the business’...
Diesel mechanic bookkeeper professional

Who is doing your books? A bookkeeper?

When a business starts out, the owner tries to control costs by doing everything themselves including being the bookkeeper. This can result in someone unqualified performing the bookkeeping.  While this may work on the short term, it may be costlier in the run. Let’s take an example of your truck needing an engine overhaul.  What...
self employed owner operator love work

Do What you Love….

  One of the biggest lies of owning your own business per Inc. Magazine is as follows: “Do what you love and the money will follow…. often times, a person’s love for doing something becomes their Achilles heel because instead of running their business, they just focus on delivering the service they enjoy so much,...