Power Team versus Contact Sphere

Everyone has a contact sphere, but not everyone develops those into a power team.  According to Ivan Miser who coined the term, “a contact sphere is a group of symbiotic professions who have a good opportunity to provide referrals to each other.”  A power team takes this a step further.  A power team is a...

Recordkeeping for your Business

Recordkeeping for your business is primarily driven by tax requirements, but your industry may have specific requirements for records as well.  The information of this blog is not considered tax advice and you should always consult your tax preparer when making decisions which could affect your tax situation.  The article is based on the IRS...

Important Tax Dates

Important dates for taxes are found below. Making timely estimates based on accurate data is important to your cash flow and business.  By having accurate, up-to-date information, you can make a better estimate for your taxes.  If you notice, the Quarterly Tax Estimate to the IRS is cumulative of the entire year’s data.   If you...

Are you protecting your most valuable asset?

What is your most valuable asset?  Great question, but the answer can go in many directions.  Do you think it is your physical assets or intangible assets?  What’s the one thing you can’t replace in your business?  That is your most important asset.  I think you would agree that human resources (you) are the business’...

Scrabble Lessons in Humility

  I am bit of a Scrabble Freak. There, I admitted it. If you have been following my posts and watching the pictures, you may have noticed that I like to use the Scrabble tiles. My first job at McDonald’s while in high school gave us each a gift during the holidays. It was a...